Galaxy Rovers

Samsung Electronics

The Galaxy Rover fleet took to the streets of Texas to provide locals with opportunities to experience the latest Samsung products in a safe, hands-on environment.

With the goal of increasing market share in mind, we knew we had to increase reach and awareness for Samsung in The Lone Star State. Launching a fleet of five mobile product experience vehicles gave us a way to move from one activation here and there, to hundreds throughout the year.

Rovers offered the freedom to go anywhere, any time, 24/7/365. So we went where Texans already were. Doing so allowed us to contextualize the experience and introduce product benefits through demos tailored to the event and venue.

It also appealed to those big Texan hearts. We connected with consumers on a hyper-personal level that associated the Samsung brand with things they’re passionate about, like gaming, sports and music.

The fleet of Rovers were built in Texas for Texans, hitting the road at the start of 2020. They showed up and showed off at popular destinations, including shopping centers, public parks, theme parks and sports stadiums. They also met consumers at some of their favorite retail and carrier stores, where Texans could test out Samsung devices and accessories before deciding what to buy. In between every activation, the vehicles served as mobile Samsung billboards, upping impressions like miles on the tires.

When the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were put in place, the true flexibility of the fleet was realized. Its focus temporarily shifted from product to purpose with Rovers going all over town to cater to communities in need. Samsung partnered with Minnie’s Food pantry to help collect food donations from local grocery stores and distribute them to residents in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

In addition to delivering food, we also helped deliver a sense of normalcy during quarantine. The Rovers worked with the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) and other Texas organizations to host drive-in movie experiences. Locals enjoyed watching their favorite films on the big screen while checking out the screens on our devices as well. Enthusiastic brand ambassadors distributed Samsung devices so moviegoers could participate in a scavenger hunt that incorporated the photo and zoom functions of the phones. The experience kept devices in hand for an average of 5-30 minutes and rewarded participants with premium prizes before rolling out and onto the next big thing.