Times Square Billboard

Samsung Electronics
Digital Billboard
New York

The Cheil Samsung Brand Studio in New York is responsible for creating assets for some of the brand’s most high profile media placements to maintain brand awareness. Because there’s no better way to show we’re always there for our customers than to actually be where they are.

At its peak, 460,000 people walk through NYC’s Times Square with their necks craned and their eyes gazing upwards as they’re greeted by some of the most dynamic billboards in the world. Samsung holds one of the most prominent placements high above the throngs of awed tourists and bustling locals, and Cheil works with Samsung to develop fresh, new assets every month for engaging billboard content that leaves onlookers buzzing with excitement.

837 is the Samsung flagship store and customer experience venue right in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, which is home to some of the world’s most glamorous high end brands. It’s where we work with Samsung to create eye-catching window displays and interactive experiential pop-ups that not only make a bold statement, but also showcase their latest products and brand initiatives within the 837 space.