Texas Number One

Samsung Electronics
360 Campaign

Telling Texans what to do was never going to work. Instead, we needed to find a way to naturally show how Samsung helps them express their individuality and change their lives in a meaningful way.

We knew slapping a cowboy holding a phone on a billboard wasn’t the right way to go. So, we dove deep into the heart of Texans by speaking to them through their passions.

All messaging was “Texafied” to embrace the state’s free, bold and energetic spirit and paired with striking Texan visuals and localized media placements. Our Texas-focused online video content earned 121 million impressions and locale-specific out-of-home earned 14 million impressions with strategic placements outside competitor stores. Despite running our full campaign for only four months before pivoting due to the pandemic, Samsung was the only brand with positive market share in Texas in 2020.

Joining the gaming community was always part of the plan, so we went where the gamers go: Twitch. We started by hosting multiple tournaments and challenges that had players engaging with a three-week series following the eSports rivalry between the Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws and participating in Texas-themed build challenges in Minecraft.

Events inside Fortnite allowed players to unlock a limited-edition Galaxy skin and discover four customized Samsung maps. Mystic Maps Mayhem alone attracted over 3 million unique players, nearly 150 million impressions and over 83,000 hours watched. It didn’t hurt that the Samsung Galaxy Store was the only place to download the mobile version.

Following the Fortnite success, we blasted off to space with an Among Us activation featuring singer, Loren Gray, and superstar, Jojo Siwa. We broke Samsung channel records with a two-day stream drawing in 940,000 live views, 3,500 new followers and the most chat messages sent. Our two main influencers were female which helped drive 59% female mentions. Stream day-two was featured on the Twitch homepage and had the second highest live viewing in the channel history at 730,000. Fans competed to win prizes and guess who our famous “Mystery Gamer” was.

The livestreams across PubG, Minecraft, Fortnite and Among Us increased Samsung brand appeal across various gaming audiences of all ages, including the hardcore players and casual participants alike. In total, our events and activations generated more than 200 million impressions and 200,000 hours watched on Samsung owned channels.

Five specially designed Rover vehicles were equipped with the latest Samsung ecosystem to easily set up product demos and experiences at events across the state. If Texans are there, so are we.