Retail Mode Experience

Samsung Electronics
Plano, TX

Retail Mode Experience (RMX) was created to bring online shoppers an in-person level of device interaction. With COVID-19, it quickly transformed into a no-brainer contactless in-store experience.

To convert consumers quarantined at home, we needed to build an immersive online experience that was as interesting and informative as going into a physical store. The launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G was the perfect opportunity to upgrade our efforts.

Upon landing on the desktop site, consumers are asked which brand of device they currently own. Their response triggers custom messaging based on data insights for current Samsung users and competitors to guide them through the epic features, a razor-sharp, 360-degree device view, straightforward comparisons and information on how to switch or upgrade.

Features are what it’s all about, and we have plenty sure to wow you and upgrade your day-to-day. Our six fan favorites are front and center for consumers to explore.

To get consumers as close to holding the phone as possible, we designed a 360-degree experience. Spin it. Flip it. Magnify it. See it from every possible angle and in multiple colors.

Viewing the experience on a mobile device gave us the additional benefit of being able to detect which device the user was browsing on and to immediately place it alongside the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for an instant and to scale match-up. Users could also select up to two other devices from Samsung or competitors to compare.

From questions about device capabilities to direct comparisons, the intentional RMX design lays it all out for consumers to easily navigate their way to purchase.